Proposals submissions deadline has ended at 24:00 on Monday, January 4, 2021.


 In the following of successful first call of MSRT-TUBITAK joint research projects, both sides agreed to announce second call with new list of topics and with cooperation with National Institute for Medical Research Development (NIMAD) as representative of Health and Biomedical Science.This program will be supported within the scope of Cooperation Agreement between the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT).

Scientists in Iran who want to propose a joint research project must agree with the researcher(s) working in the research institutions in Turkey whom they will carry out the project together as "project partners".

Scientist are strongly requested to study carefully the call text including immediate information about call 2020 from below links and then start to submit their proposals from relevant submission systems(here or NIMAD).  "Guide for Authors" is highly advised to study.

Contact information:


 Call 2020   


Topics 2020


 How to apply:

 Step 1:

Please download and study the following essential documents:

TUBITAK-Iran MSRT/NIMAD 2020-Call Text-Finall


MSRT/NIMAD-TUBITAK Application form


 Step 2:

Login/Register from this page above



    Proposal Submission Opening :         22nd September 2020      (01 Mehr 1399)

    Proposal Submission Deadline:          22nd December 2020        (02 Dey 1399)

                               Extended to :            5th January 2021            (15 Dey 1399)

    Starting  Peer review Process:            20th January 2021       (01st Bahman 1399)

    Completion of Reviewing Process:     20th May 2021    (30th Ordibehesht 1400)

    Negotiation with Partner Country:    20th June 2021      ( 30th Khordad 1400)



 First Call Results (2019):   ( Please see the link below)